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Skull & Roses

It’s the largest beachside gathering of Grateful Dead fans on the West Coast — Grab a friend or two for three days in Ventura, California!

New and old deadheads from around the globe will flock, rejoice, and “flashback.”
The three days are filled with fantastic bands, including Hyryder, playing the Grateful Dead music we all love — some with their unique musical influence on this musical history.

Here’s your history lesson… Did you know that Grateful Dead performed 11 shows at the Ventura County Fairgrounds between 1982 and 1987? However, the 1986 shows were canceled after Jerry Garcia fell ill from an abscessed tooth infection that sent him into a diabetic coma. The world held its breath…

Then later in 1987, the Grateful Dead returned to the Ventura County Fairgrounds for one final time.

Now for your fun fact… Since the 1900’s, Alien bases under the Pacific Ocean have been widely documented between the Ventura County Fairgrounds and the Channel Islands just offshore. Many have speculated these intense energies played a significant role in the supernatural qualities of the eleven, now legendary, Ventura, California shows—including the ones that got away.

Hyryder fans, Grateful Dead fans, you don’t want to miss this amazing weekend. Event information is available on the Skull & Roses website.