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Immerse yourself in the timeless magic of the Grateful Dead with Hyryder, a tribute band dedicated to capturing the spirit, improvisation, and musical exploration that defined an era.

Hyryder brings the legendary dead tunes to life with passion and authenticity.

Come and join the ride—where the spirit of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead lives on, revitalized by the sonic mastery of Hyryder.

Elevate your concert experience, relive the magic, and let the music carry you away with the ultimate Grateful Dead tribute–Hyryder.

"They are just driving this spaceship through so many remote regions of the universe and then beyond. They were just over-the-top spectacular!"

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"One of the bands that stood out at Skull & Roses was Hyryder, even among so many other great bands. Oh my goodness, they were fabulous!"

Photographer | Grateful Dead

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